February 10, 2014

photos courtesy to fashionista.com and telegraph.co.uk

Fashion week is well underway in New York City. It is day five and so far the shows have been phenomenal! Plaids, pops of neon, animal prints, deep red and cobalt blue are amongst the top trends predicted for Fall 2014 and have been present in many of the fashion shows this week. 

One of my favorite things about fashion week though is the street style. I love seeing all the fashion obsessed people put on their best ensembles and showcase their personal style. Everyone dresses in different and unique ways so it is fun to see how everyone brings different trends to the table. 

Above are some photos snapped by bloggers and photographers over the past couple of days of fashionistas spotted on the streets of New York. As most of you know winter seems to be never ending so everyone has brought out the faux fur and large trench coats to stay warm and still look effortlessly chic as they hop from show to show. 

Another great thing about fashion week is that if you can't attend, no problem! You can watch most of the shows from the comfort of your own home thanks to Maybelline New York who streams them live from their youtube channel

Lots of new things to come on the blog over the next few months so be on the lookout! Don't forget to  follow @lacedinfashion on twitter and instagram for all things fashion!

November 21, 2013

Snapping that perfect picture is what every blogger hopes for when they are creating a new post for their readers. Fashion bloggers have come a long way today with their photography skills. What most people don't know is that there is a handful of fashion bloggers out there that don't have someone taking their pictures. It is just them and their camera.  

I am on the hunt for my first SLR camera. I have always wanted one to help improve the pictures on my blog.

Currently my camera is my phone which is great for last minute instances but I have always been really fascinated by photography and since I will be traveling so much this summer I figured what better time to try out my skills now and get a new camera. I definitely want an SLR camera but have no idea where to start. 

I am hoping that with the help of my fellow fashion bloggers, you can lead me in the right direction.

Please feel free to leave any suggestions or photography tips below! 

Madeline Castleman

Madeline Castleman
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